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    Rustica House ?




    Rustica zinc, iron, tin and copper range hood installation instructions:


    1. If you purchased Rustica range hoods with the insert included remove the insert from the hood.
    2. Locate studs on the wall or ceiling joists behind/above the hood.
    3. Using a power drill make holes for screws in the iron hood frame in the location of studs/joists.
    4. Use at least four screws to attach the hood from inside the hood to studs/joists behind. If your house walls or ceiling are made of concrete, brick or blocks use screws meant for those materials.
    5. Connect the ventilation unique with the house exhaust system that is going to push air from the kitchen outside the house. Plug in the electric cord of the insert to regular 120V/60Hz plug installed behind or above the range hood.
    6. Reinstall the insert back to the range hood.
    7. If the hood was customized for your own insert, make sure the insert is connected with screws long enough to the hood iron frame and not just to zinc or copper covering the frame. 

    Warning: Do not attach the range hood be screwing it to the wall through copper, zinc, pewter sheet alone. Such installation may damage the hood including causing separating the metal covering from the hood frame. To support considerable weight, the rustica range hood must be attached to the wall/ceiling with the iron frame.