<![CDATA[Rustica House ?: Latest News]]> http://www.cinegtd.com 2020-12-28T00:05:24Z 2020-12-22T04:18:28Z 2020-12-22T04:18:28Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/mexican-tile-trims/ <![CDATA[Mexican Tile Trims]]> Perhaps choosing the right tile during the renovation is the most challenging part of preparing an upgrade in your home or apartment. It is not difficult as far as the installation is concerned as placing ceramic tiles is an effortless and quick work but because of the thousands of tile design, we have in stock. Once you find the ideal  Talavera tiles for walls, floors and counters, you should not neglect to finish your project with a lot of class. Create a perfect frame and highlight your tiling projects with our wide scope of  Mexican tile trims that include pencil linear trim, v-cup tile trims, surface bullnose tile trims and many colorful and patterned border tiles.

Our Mexican tile trims collection consists of two categories that are special tile trims such as bullnose tile trims or rope molding trims that offer one of the edges slightly curved to add a spectacular, complete look. However, they can also be used as a decorative element as well especially those with a relief pattern hand-made on the surface like the rope linear tile trims to create a  stunning rustic style. The surface bullnose is our most versatile and for that reason the most popular trim piece. With one edge slightly curved to provide a smooth transition to a flat wall, it can be used in many applications to finish the edge of a tile project. Just as you can see on the image above, the homeowner can use it on the front top edge surface of a countertop to provide a nice finished edge to the counter in bathrooms and kitchens. It is perfect for finishing any edge of a tile that meets a painted wall by making the transition much polished and softer look. All of the types of Mexican tile trims are sold in eight solid colors that our clients can choose from and those are: terracotta, white 3 shades of blue, yellow, green and brown. Therefore this product will match our beautifully designed  decorative Mexican tiles that you same hues and you can buy them in solid colors or with creative and vivid Mexican and Spanish motives.

On the other hand, we have a broad range of Mexican border tiles that are thinner than the usual  Mexican, handcrafted tiles and have 6x3 inches. They come in a variety of designs to accommodate any d¨¦cor necessities of our clients. Just like our Mexican, hand-painted tiles or  high relief tiles, we offer numerous abstract or figurative patterns for our Mexican tile trims. You can choose from a very traditional, Talavera style that depicts the Mediterranean atmosphere and Southern charm to modern and abstract mosaics that will look great in transitional and contemporary homes. They will help you create definition or separate areas like in a loft that needs to create closed areas with visual application due to the lack of walls. Same can be very useful in your outdoor areas where you want to separate the dining space from your greenery or swimming pool area. Each Mexican tile trim is truly an individual work of art that will add lasting beauty and warmth to your home.

2020-12-14T17:04:31Z 2020-12-14T17:04:31Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/outdoor-iron-lanterns/ <![CDATA[Outdoor Iron Lanterns]]> Your garden or patio become the heart of your home in those long summer days and nights¡­Create a welcoming environment by adding some outdoor iron lanterns and other rustic lighting fixtures. It is very important to know how to layer the light in those spaces so you can make the most out of your outdoor gatherings and activities. Make your patio or veranda an authentic relaxing spot where your family and friends will enjoy countless parties and summer barbecues.

hacienda style iron lamp from Mexico iluminating exterior of the house

First of all, you should know that outdoor lights are an inexpensive way to decorate the yard. They can create a specific mood based on the type and color that you are using. Apart from wall scones or led lights strings that you can set up anywhere, outdoor iron lanterns might be an unusual way to both brighten the space and give it a specific style. Our hand-forged iron lanterns provide accent lighting, creating a homey, cozy atmosphere. We manufacture a broad range of outdoor lighting fixtures that you can consider in your next remodeling project. From bronze, antique-looking wall lamps to sophisticated,  black iron chandeliers, the light is a great way to upgrade the rustic d¨¦cor. And because we sell thousands of models in any shape and size, you can be sure to find the one that reflects your home¡¯s style. The outdoor lanterns were thought to be installed mostly on the exterior walls of the property. However, if you have a look at our wide collection, you will soon discover that our products can be accommodated even in the interiors of a house as another form of a wall scone. From simpler hacienda or country style to more elaborate, Victorian and gothic type lanterns, bring your decorating ideas to life with our metallic lighting fixtures. Rustic House forged iron lanterns are mostly inspired on Spanish hacienda heritage. Many designs come from centuries ago and were brought to Mexico by Spanish colonizers. You can find therefore European motives that were refined by our skillful blacksmiths.

As we have mentioned, our  forged iron outdoor lanterns are handmade in many designer shapes and sizes. We sell those products in standards sizes that you can find in their description. However, you can buy any Rustica House lamp as made to order. We also can customize the final look by adding singular finishing for instance rustic looking- oxidized metal, natural unfinished or black iron. You are in the right place if you are in search of a  wrought iron outdoor light that not only has the appearance of traditional artistry but is also fabricated in such a style.

2020-12-07T17:04:47Z 2020-12-07T17:04:47Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/forged-iron-range-hood-with-rusted-straps/ <![CDATA[Forged Iron Range Hood with Rusted Straps]]> An explosion of color, unique textures or spectacular shapes, the metal range hoods provide nowadays much more than functionality. Their role has extended from protecting the kitchen against undesirable smell and smoke to creating an atmosphere and a particular interior d¨¦cor. Among thousands of models, sizes and shapes we have on offer, we would like to recommend today our iron range hoods collection. Without any doubt, a metal range hood decorated with rusted straps or rivets injects one-of-a-kind personality in the kitchen.

Have a look at this lovely kitchen remodelling project where the forged iron kitchen range hood with rusted straps is the fundamental element of the d¨¦cor. In this fantastic set up the metal hood complements beautifully the crisp white kitchen cabinets and brown tile backsplash that imitates wood. The extractor looks really elegant and it is noticeable without overwhelming the rest of the kitchen design. It seems like a perfect balance between the heavy and sturdy image of the iron range hood and the lightness and bright charm of the pieces of kitchen furniture that together embody a modern cottage, two-tone style. We think our client has chosen the perfect finishing for its brand new forged iron range hood that is done in natural metal. This option adds a rustic flair to the appliance making it look like an antique from another century. The hues of both, the moulding and the rusted straps work to perfection with a metallic stove that has a little bit of a vintage feel. As for the installation, this hand-hammered vent hood is wall mounted. All of our products can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, above a kitchen island or under the cabinet.

As in the image, we can appreciate in this post, iron or copper range hoods can be an exceptional addition to both contemporary and more traditional interiors. A forged iron range hood integrates flawlessly into a cooler environment adding a lot of warmth and elegance to space. A smooth, high and sleek model like that could pair not only with modern rustic or transitional style but will upgrade as well minimalist, monochromatic surroundings. As for the straps, they can be installed vertically, horizontally or both. The number of stripes can also be specified before we manufacture it. In general, iron metal range hoods price depends on the amount of material used for their fabrication and not the complexity of their work. However, including decorative straps in a design of a custom-made range hood for sure will turn your kitchen into a showroom.

2020-11-30T18:55:06Z 2020-11-30T18:55:06Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/rustic-touch-to-bedroom/ <![CDATA[Rustic Touch to Your Bedroom]]> Winter is a perfect moment to induce some cosiness and comfort into our homes. Bringing rustic touch into your bedroom will help you achieve that goal and it does not mean that you necessarily have to put an animal skull on the wall or decorate them with wooden panels. This kind of rustic option is definitely overwhelming and out-fashioned. The modern rustic bedroom is a relaxing refuge that serves you well throughout the year and allows you to escape the rigours of urban life with comfort and tranquillity, even though you are living in the city.

rustic furniture in a bedroom

The key elements that can help you add a rustic touch to your bedroom are introducing neutral, earthly tones for your walls and textiles, choosing a little bit rough and unpolished materials and mixing different textures. In the case of My Rustica, we can offer you a beautifully crafted Mexican, hand-made furniture such as curved, wooden headboards,  antique-looking bookcase and Colonial, wooden chairs. We use two types of wood: pine and parota. The latter is of unique quality and is primarily found in Central America. As for the designs of our wooden furnishings they are inspired in Spanish hacienda, French Louis the XIV and  Mexican colonial style. Each detail is handcrafted with a lot of attention by Mexican artisans and each product has an option of customization, especially as far as the finishing is concerned but also in size and design itself. Each model can be supplied in natural color, rustic and dark colonial. Choose the tone that best suits the existing decor of your bedroom to make a cohesive and elegant look.

Metals are also welcomed in a farmhouse style as they are sustainable and have unusual textures that can liven up any room. We would recommend you to have a look at our bronze or  tin wall lamps that will help you to draw attention to specific areas in your bedroom, apart from illuminating. Many of the metallic, hand-made lamps embody a vintage, distressed style but some of them have a very modern twist, perfect for a style between rustic and industrial. A great example of this kind of transitional element could be our  wall lamp ¡°Manhattan¡± that is a perfect addition in the eclectic decor of the mix of the rustic and nautical theme. Its classic lines and exposed hardware of old-world commercial designs will build interest around your bedside table. Give it a personalized decorative loft lamp touch by choosing one of bronze finishings we have on offer. Finish up by adding textures in neutral hues to cosy up space. From unrefined rug to hand-made, colorful weavings, create an atmosphere that is spacious, yet warm.

2020-11-23T18:55:17Z 2020-11-23T18:55:17Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/ductless-range-hoods/ <![CDATA[?Ductless Range Hoods]]> Adding a  custom made range hood can transform your kitchen most remarkably and upgrade the overall design. What if we tell you that not only you can have a personalized look of your new metal extractor but also you could install it in any area you wish? Sounds even more appealing, right? With  ductless range hoods, you can accommodate it in any area, not only where a conduit is.

ductless kitchen range hood in wall mount version made of hammered metal copper

Our  hand-forged vent hoods come with the option of a ductless type which means your home or apartment does not have to include an installation to vent the kitchen's aromas and fume outside the walls of your house. That is especially beneficial in small, urban flats that do not have enough room for complex tubes and ventilation systems. You might be wondering if our ductless range hoods are equally effective as the ones that circulate the air outside your kitchen. These hoods, that can be made in diverse metals such as bronze, zinc, copper or tin, work by filtering the air that they suck in and then blow back into the room, essentially using a recirculation process. As you can imagine, those types of extractors offer far cleaner designs without the necessity of setting up tubes which later have to be covered with a decorative chimney extension. With ducted vent hoods, the homeowners should orient the ductwork so that they use the shortest run possible. This way, the unwanted air encounters the least amount of resistance and vents out of the kitchen with ease. However, many times they have to ignore the aesthetics of the interior design.  Ductless range hoods do not present those problems and give you endless decorating possibilities.

Any of our range hood models, including even the highest wall mount and  kitchen island hoods, can be produced as ductless copper range hoods upon a request. We specialize in stunning custom-made hoods that are produced in different long-lasting and stylish metals for a variety of kitchen styles such as a comfy, farmhouse or minimalist contemporary penthouses. Those metallic appliances are the perfect addition in a rustic ambience, especially if you order them with a distressed effect such as unusual hammered texture with warm, golden patina finishing. On the other hand, the same model might look very modern if custom made with a smooth, sleek feel and one of the color options that fit modern kitchens. If you are worried if you can pair it with the existing kitchen cabinets and other elements, again, you can customize it with the tone you love: darker or lighter, you will find your ideal ductless range hood.

2020-11-19T17:40:09Z 2020-11-19T17:40:09Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/energy-saving-tips-home-devices/ <![CDATA[5 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home Devices]]> Especially now that people spend most of their time at home, most households need to find ways to cut on energy consumption and save money on bills. You can use these 5 energy saving tips for your home devices - TVs, computers, and laptops - to reduce your monthly expenses.

saving energy and making your home low cunstumption

There are just those devices that people could not last the day without. Some of these are our entertainment devices - televisions, laptops, and computers. Since it is almost impossible to not use them at all, doing these things will help you save a considerable amount on your next electric bill.

Use a Laptop Instead of a Desktop

If possible, use your laptop instead of your desktop. A desktop consumes more energy than a laptop because a desktop is composed of a system of devices: monitor, CPU, printer, and speakers, to name some. Each device consumes energy that adds up to the total kWh used to run the whole system.

Desktops use 70 to 200 watts depending on the model and type of display. On the other hand, laptops are more energy-efficient because they only consume 15 to 60 watts.

If you need a new laptop to replace your desktop at home, then you can use resources from sites like https://fancyappliance.com/ to learn more about energy-efficient laptops. If not laptops, smaller devices like tablets and smartphones are good alternatives. They consume less energy than desktops.

Switch Off Home Devices When Not in Use

No excuses! Switch off your devices when not in use. Computers, televisions, and laptops continuously consume energy once you switch them on. The energy consumption depends on many factors including the type, size, and model of the device.

It is very simple. Switch off your TV when no one is watching. Shut down your computer if you are not going to use it for more than an hour. The same goes for your laptop - switch it off so it won¡¯t consume the battery.

Take Advantage of Your Computer¡¯s Usage Modes

The usage modes including sleep and hibernate are there to save power and money. If you are not going to use your computer for a long time, then you can use the sleep or hibernate modes to reduce energy consumption.

Upgrade Old Devices

Older models use more energy than their newer counterparts. A good example would be CRT monitors vs. flat panel displays. The old, bulky monitors consume 100 watts on average, while flat LCD monitors only use 28 watts.

Notice the huge difference in energy consumption between the two devices that serve the same purpose. Now, think about how much energy you will consume when you use a CRT monitor continuously for hours.

Upgrading your old devices should be part of your home improvement ideas for a more-energy-efficient home . This may mean spending a huge amount upfront, but the savings you will get will be an ongoing benefit.

Use Energy Star Products

Using EPA¡¯s Energy Star approved products can reduce your electricity expenses by a fourth.

Choose devices with the Energy Star label should you be upgrading an old appliance. Energy Star devices meet the energy-efficiency specifications set out by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

So how much energy would you be able to save with an Energy Star device?

A lot, especially if you are going to use the device for long hours. The energy-efficiency is based on some factors such as the type of appliance and model. On average, an Energy Star TV is more energy efficient by 25% than its conventional counterparts.


Older devices consume more energy. Upgrade old devices to products that have the Energy Star label if possible to save more power. However, the best and easiest way to save energy and money on your laptops, computers, and televisions is by switching them off when not in use. 

2020-11-16T15:48:24Z 2020-11-16T15:48:24Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/combining-mexican-tiles-with-bathroom-copper-sink/ <![CDATA[Combining Mexican Tiles with Bathroom Copper Sink]]> For most of us, a bathroom is not only a stopping point for a daily routine but it is a place where we can disconnect, cleanse, restore and simply relax. Especially for those who have a hectic, busy life and perhaps little children, that is the only moment we can have some me-time. What better ambience to chill out than a countryside one? How can you easily create that rustic vibe in your bathroom? We recommend combining Mexican tiles with bathroom copper sink. To add natural materials and calm, sustainable furniture makes one feel in peace and cozy, two main characteristics of the rustic style.

hammered copper sink installed in a bathroom counter with mexican tiles

Rustic style has evolved that is why the idea of sturdy, dark wood furniture, cottage pieces of decoration covered in the dust of the past has nothing to do with a modern, bright and open-space farmhouse approach. Creating a stunning rustic d¨¦cor is to keep everything simple and using many organic elements in their most natural state. The more natural these elements appear to be, the easier it is to keep a cohesive contemporary rustic atmosphere throughout the entire space. Just look for decorative objects that embrace nature with textures, and colors that will add a lot of earthy warmth to your house. All of our products are hand-made, both Mexican tiles, as well as custom, made copper sinks. The fact that each sink was hand-hammered by an artisan is what represents the rustic style in its glory. The same applies to handcrafted and glazed Talavera tiles that allure with raw, almost imperfect elaboration. Adding copper elements into your designer bathroom help you to introduce organic forms and bring the outdoors into your Master bath which makes it your much-desired getaway. This high-quality metal has a broad array of properties that makes it one of the most beneficial materials to be used in homes. Our oval, round and rectangular copper sinks are antibacterial. The natural, copper patina heals itself and evolves with time, offering wonderful designing effect on the surface. However, if customers prefer its hand-forged copper sink to stay immutable, they can order their brand new, elegant appliance in one of the patina finishes we offer.

Thousands of patterned or plain Mexican tiles can be matched with a bathroom copper sink. As you can see on the photo, you can use the same tone tiles for decorating both walls and bathroom counter where a sink can be installed as drop-in or undermount. If you want to play with colors more and create a jazzy, vibrant design, opt for colorful Talavera tiles with some Spanish or Arabesque prints. The color palette in a rustic home leans towards neutral, but there is room for bold, earthy tones such as blue, green, yellow and terracotta. The paints used in producing Talavera tiles are all naturally elaborated and evoke the natural origin of those hues. Therefore, using this easy and affordable material in a rustic remodeling project is definitely rustic.

2020-11-09T20:14:04Z 2020-11-09T20:14:04Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/howto-create-rustic-style-patio/ <![CDATA[How to Create Rustic Style in your Patio ]]> Whether it is a vintage or modern approach, rustic style is in vogue! You can apply it in any area of your farmhouse cottage or urban home, including spacious gardens or cozy verandas. Pairing organic natural elements with stylish, functional design is a natural fit for patios, decks and porches. Achieving the look can be as simple as adding a few well-placed movable pieces such as  patio furniture for outdoor or as elaborate as building permanent, eye-catching features including hand-made Mexican tiles or Cantera stone fountains. We present you some tips on how to create a  rustic style in your patio.

rustic dining furniture set on a patio of the house backyard

First of all, if what you want is just a small makeover, we would suggest adding a rustic looking dining set made of wood or like ours made of aluminum cast, wrought iron as well as ¡°equipal¡± furniture so emblematic for Mexican outdoors that will be a great way to add value to your d¨¦cor. Our collection of Mexican patio furniture for garden and veranda includes dining tables, patio chairs, park benches. If you do not have a lot of space for big furniture, we are sure you can organize a space for a functional bar or barbecue spot that you can decorate with beautifully handcrafted Talavera tiles, sold on our Web page in thousands of designs and incredible color palettes. The eating and food preparation counter are perfect places for installing waterproof and durable ceramic tiles that are easily cleaned and maintained. It is an effortless way to add a festive and cheerful mood to accent even more your rustic style in your patio. You can embrace this Southern take on the farmhouse feel and consider paring your rustic, outdoor dining set with aluminum, decorative bench and a refined arbor to create some shades with beautiful climbing plants setup.

Additionally, bring some warmth for those long summer night with the right illumination. Our rustic lighting fixtures range from subtle wall scones or black iron outdoor lanterns to spectacular and powerful forged iron chandeliers. Our stunning and elegant rustic lamps will not only brighten up space but also add the continuity in the rustic style of your patio. Last but not least, for spacious verandas and patios, you can consider installing a wall mount fountain that is another natural and earthly element, ideal for any rustic ambience. Our fountains are made of authentic volcanic stone, called Cantera stone and will be a long-lasting decorative element that not only brings a lot of charm but add a relaxing atmosphere to your home.

2020-11-02T18:22:11Z 2020-11-02T18:22:11Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/cantera-stone-products/ <![CDATA[Cantera Stone Products]]> Bring the natural beauty of Volcanic stone turned into fancy and glamorous  Cantera stone products. Ideal for decorating your home and garden, discover our collections of Cantera stone fountains, fireplaces and decorative columns that will add an old-world feel to your home d¨¦cor.

Cantera Stone Fireplace decorating a living room

The Cantera stone is a rustic building material proceeding from Mexico and therefore widely used in the remodeling projects for Southern Haciendas and their exteriors. It is porous, lightweight (weighing significantly less than marble and granite), strong, versatile in its applications, and extremely malleable. Being strong and at the same time quite flexible, it makes it a versatile solution for creating ornamented and detailed items such as fountains and fireplaces. Cantera stone products can achieve a real designer value in what is normally perceived as quite boring architectonical elements such as columns. However, Mexican stone cavers know their craft very well and are the only one able to turn a piece of volcanic dust and ashes and some silica into real pieces of art. Just have a look at our Colonial style Cantera stone fireplaces and without a doubt, you will fell in love with ancient-looking carvings and the grandiose feel they are bringing to any room. Most of our natural fireplaces embrace the Spanish heritage of Colonial past, therefore, they are a perfect addition for lush living rooms or even verandas or patios. All of our products are handmade by Mexican artisans and each product is unique and can be further customized. Funny fact- Cantera stone comes in over 130 color variations which include shades of white, pink, grey, green, beige, tan, brown, orange, red, and black. Our company offers Cantera stone products in 9 different hues ranging from classic white to surprisingly pink or black. You can buy a Cantera stone fireplace mantel in made to order dimensions or in one of the Mexican standard sizes.

handmade cantera stone fountain from Mexico decorating a garden back yard

If you ever dreamed of adding some ancient accents in your estate, Rustica House recommends you adding decorative Cantera stone columns that can be used for construction as decorations as well as to support the floor or roof weight. Some of our handcrafted columns are simple designs that can be used in a variety of home styles and others have intricate high relief ornamentations cut by local stone artisans. Additionally, our most popular Cantera stone products are fountains. In reality, there are two types of stone fountains. They can be made of Cantera or cement imitating stone. Most Rustica House buyers select Cantera stone fountains for two main reasons. First of all, they are handmade in the same way the fountains were produced centuries ago by Europeans and secondly, they can be produced in made to order dimensions. The fountain can be made using our store designs or the householder can send us a photo of a dreamed water feature. We can customize both wall-mount and round Cantera stone fountains meant for free-standing installation. Both styles can be decorated with Mexican tiles giving them more Spanish and Colonial appeal. Any Cantera stone product will bring an instant upgrade to your home as it is elaborated the way that the cut shows off the natural beauty of this amazing material.

2020-10-06T03:42:48Z 2020-10-06T03:42:48Z http://www.cinegtd.com/blog/hand-painted-mexican-bathroom-sinks/ <![CDATA[Hand Painted Mexican Bathroom Sinks]]> Fabulously colorful, hand-painted Mexican bathroom sinks will not leave anyone indifferent. Their design is a fusion of Spanish, Mexican, Moorish and even Chinese styles. The variety of patterns and shapes allows you to choose a washbasin for any bathroom style. Fiery colors and fantastic patterns, as well as ease of cleaning and comfortable use, make Mexican ceramic sinks desirable bathroom appliances.

hand painted bathroom sinks in talavera from Mexico

Our ceramic bathroom sinks from Mexico are manufactured in a small town called Dolores Hidalgo that together with Puebla are the main Mexican ceramic hubs. Dolores Hidalgo is known internationally for its Talavera production of all kind of products including hand-painted Talavera tiles, bathroom accessories such as sinks, toilets as well as many decorative ceramic items for your exteriors (planters, tabletops etc.). Mexican bathroom sinks that our artisans elaborate are designed in various shapes. The most popular one is a vessel sink that is installed as undermount exposes its entire beauty and elegance rather than hiding most of it under the counter. Another type of ceramic bathroom sinks that attracts a lot of interest is the oval-shaped sink, designed for drop-in and undermount. Thousands of patterns and colors of our handcrafted oval sinks will transport you to the artistic and vibrant atmosphere of Colonial Mexico. The same happens with rectangular bathroom sinks. They are created using the same or similar patterns that we use to produce our Talavera wall and counters tiles. You can therefore set up a stunning, rustic d¨¦cor with a leading pattern for your bathroom walls and vanity which will help you to introduce an authentic Southern feel in your interiors and color up your master bath or powder room.

Have a look of some of our most emblematic Mexican bathroom sinks to get inspired and hopefully choose your ideal model. The "Cobalt peacock" above-counter, vessel sink features an exquisite peacock feather pattern that is hand-painted on both interior and exterior walls of this amazing washbasin. The choice of color will make this sink to stand out as a statement piece and you can additionally purchase it with an iron stand for even more powerful rustic or Colonial style. The design of Mexican bathroom sink "Tepic" that is offered in an oval shape and three, different sizes, is inspired by the pre-Columbian art and believes which is a distinguishing feature of Mexican ceramic craft. The ¡°Tepic¡± model sink is a great example of this trend. The local artisan created a pattern that features the moon and sun over a dark blue sky. It is a perfect element for breaking with the witness of many bathrooms. It will help you to bring a visual accent to the area of the sink. Finished this ideal Sothern project by adding some rustic gems like a copper lighting fixture or iron frame


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