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      Mexican Tile Trims

      Posted by Rustica House on

      Perhaps choosing the right tile during the renovation is the most challenging part of preparing an upgrade in your home or apartment. It is not difficult as far as the installation is concerned as placing ceramic tiles is an effortless and quick work but because of the thousands of tile design, we have in stock. Once you find the ideal  Talavera tiles for walls, floors and counters, you should not neglect to finish your project with a lot of class. Create a perfect frame and highlight your tiling projects with our wide scope of  Mexican tile trims that include pencil linear trim, v-cup tile trims, surface bullnose tile trims and many colorful and patterned border tiles.

      Our Mexican tile trims collection consists of two categories that are special tile trims such as bullnose tile trims or rope molding trims that offer one of the edges slightly curved to add a spectacular, complete look. However, they can also be used as a decorative element as well especially those with a relief pattern hand-made on the surface like the rope linear tile trims to create a  stunning rustic style. The surface bullnose is our most versatile and for that reason the most popular trim piece. With one edge slightly curved to provide a smooth transition to a flat wall, it can be used in many applications to finish the edge of a tile project. Just as you can see on the image above, the homeowner can use it on the front top edge surface of a countertop to provide a nice finished edge to the counter in bathrooms and kitchens. It is perfect for finishing any edge of a tile that meets a painted wall by making the transition much polished and softer look. All of the types of Mexican tile trims are sold in eight solid colors that our clients can choose from and those are: terracotta, white 3 shades of blue, yellow, green and brown. Therefore this product will match our beautifully designed  decorative Mexican tiles that you same hues and you can buy them in solid colors or with creative and vivid Mexican and Spanish motives.

      On the other hand, we have a broad range of Mexican border tiles that are thinner than the usual  Mexican, handcrafted tiles and have 6x3 inches. They come in a variety of designs to accommodate any décor necessities of our clients. Just like our Mexican, hand-painted tiles or  high relief tiles, we offer numerous abstract or figurative patterns for our Mexican tile trims. You can choose from a very traditional, Talavera style that depicts the Mediterranean atmosphere and Southern charm to modern and abstract mosaics that will look great in transitional and contemporary homes. They will help you create definition or separate areas like in a loft that needs to create closed areas with visual application due to the lack of walls. Same can be very useful in your outdoor areas where you want to separate the dining space from your greenery or swimming pool area. Each Mexican tile trim is truly an individual work of art that will add lasting beauty and warmth to your home.

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